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Snowdonia - The Gem of Wales

   Snowdonia means beauty, peace, adventure and serenity. Its 24-mile-long finger of land pointing into the Irish Sea. The biggest mountains in Wales and England are to be found here in the Snowdonia National Park. the Llŷn Peninsula is a protected ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’

Along with the natural beauty ,Snowdonia and Llyn also have lots of adventurous activities like Walking, climbing and water activities , Also enjoy the special rides on Snowdon Mountain railway and lake railway
The northwest is very traditional and very dense  Welsh-speaking part.The Snowdon highlands sheltered Liywelyn ap Gruffydd inthe 13th century and Owain Glyndwr in the 15th during their struggles against the English.

Attractions –

Snowdonia National Park :-

Snowdonia National Park  is situated in north Wales, it was founded in 1951. Covering some 823 square miles, the Snowdonia National Park is the second-largest National Park after the Lake District.
In the Welsh it is called Eryri ( Eh –ruh-ree) and the Welsh name of Snowdonia is “Yr Wyddfa” meaning Great Tomb. According to a legend a giant called Rita Gawr was slain here by king Arthur, and is buried at the summit.
It is an area with a population of  over 26,000 people.

The main attraction is Mount Snowdonia , stracched through 35 miles east to west and cover 50 miles north to south, with the height of 1085 metres / 3,560 feet. Snowdonia National Park has well over 100 summits of varying heights and difficulties, to test the most experienced of climbers. Snowdonia was the training ground for some of the early mountaineers, who conquered Everest. For those who wanted to climb  these mighty mountain without any difficulty , Snowdon Mountain Railway is there to help them .Believe me , This is one of the great railway journeys of the world - an unforgettable experience.

The Landscape of Snowdonia National Park is spectacular and varied, with 37km/23 miles of coast line, mountains, high passes, craggy peaks, sheer precipices and cascading waterfalls, it contains over 100 glacial lakes, and woodlands of coniferous and broad-leaved trees, which cover 17% of the ground area.

Rainbow beetle of Snowdonia

Enquiry –

Administrative head office , Porthmadog ( having six branches at different locations):-
Number – 01766770274
Website –
Note – Dont forget to pick up the copy of the free annual visitor newspaper “Eryri/Snowdonia” available at all the branch offices.
For weather forecast of the park visit

Caernarfon Castle :-

One of the must watch site is Caernarfon Castle, it is in the town Caernarfon . Caernarfon, situated between the beautiful Menai Straits and Mount Snowdon is a busy Welsh market town and a major tourist centre. Caernarfon Castle is the World Heritage Site, the most famous of Wales' castles, and the investiture in 1969 of Prince Charles as the present Prince of Wales. Indeed the town is dominated by King Edward the first's impressive medieval fortress and town walls, built as part of the iron ring of castles to secure his English foothold in Wales after the death of the last Prince of Wales. 

But the town is older than its medieval castle would suggest. Much older. The must see features are the eagle tower, Edwards statue over the Kings gate , museum of the royal welsh fusiliers and Segontium roman fort. It represent the reflection of the walls of Constantinople. Its an interesting place to visit with along the lofty wall walks, beneath the twin-towered gatehouse and within imaginative exhibitions located within the towers.

Opening Time :-
1st April to 30th June : 09.30 am - 5.00 pm daily
1st July - 31st August : 09.30 am – 06.00 pm daily
1st September - 31st October : 09.30 am - 05.00 pm daily
1st November to 29th February : Monday to Saturday 10.00 am - 4.00 pm ,Sunday 11.00 am - 04.00 pm
1st March - 31st March : 09.30 am - 5.00 pm daily
Ticket Cost
Around  £ 5 for an adult and around £ 15 for a family
For more information :-

Portmeirion :-

Portmeirion is one of Wales' premier visitor attractions, welcoming 250,000 visitors every year. 70 acres of exotic woodlands are Surrounding the village ,with easy to follow woodland trails and coastal walks. Portmeirion is open every day of the year from 9.30am to 7.30pm.

Llyn Tegid :-

Llyn Tegid or the lake Bala , the home for a shy monster name Teggie ( according to the legend ) and The gwyniad - a rare species of fish left over from the last ice age - lurks some 80 feet under water.
It is the largest natural body of water in Wales and a great attraction  for sailors and surfing lovers who benefit from high winds sweeping down from the Aran Mountains. Cyclists find much to challenge and inspire them in three mountain ranges, as well as numerous forest and moorland tracks at the edge of the National Park. In fact the small town of Bala, situated at the northern edge of the Lake, swarms with sightseers and sporty folk for most of the summer.

Dolgellau :-

Dolgellau is situated in the  southern part of The Snowdonia National Park, at the foot of the Cader Idris (Cadair Idris) mountain range with three main routes to the summit. The area displays abundant wildlife, including two Osprey nest sites about an hours drive away (one to the north at Glaslyn and another one to the south by the river Dyfi). There is a great deal of bird life around the Mawddach Estuary and the woods and countryside.This town pulls lots of tourist and serve as a great attraction of Snowdonia with many popular walks only two or three miles from the town centre. These include Torrent Walk and Precipice Walks (old and new). Another very popular walk/cycle ride starts from the town car park and runs nine miles along the old railway line to Barmouth on the coast.

Reaching there and getting around :-

Towns are well connected by the buses. Following are some of the important websites for the further information on buses and trains
-          Biggest bus operator – Arriva Cymru 
-          Buses to trailheads inside Snowdonia National Park are operated by Snowdon Sherpa

-          Cambrian Costline 
-          Conwy Valley Line 
-          Rheilfordd Ffestiniog Railway 

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