Friday, 23 March 2012

Learn to Talk Spanish - The Little Language Guide of Spanish for the Tourist

Though the Spanish People are very friendly and in most of the famous places you will find people who know English but the little knowledge of the native language can go a long way and make your holiday a very Enjoyable experience. Here I am giving you some Key words and phrases in Spanish which might prove very helpful during  your stay...Lets Learn and Enjoy...
Spanish pronunciation is not very difficult as most of the alphabets are similar to the English alphabets, and the good part is that they speak what the write.

Hola (Pronounced as Ola !)  - ------Hello !

Good morning    ------------- ------Buenos días
Good evening ----------------------Buenas noches
Good afternoon---------------------Buenas tardes
Yes --------------------------------Si
Thank You ------------------------Gracias
You are welcome-------------------De nada
Good Bye--------------------------Adios
Please -----------------------------Por Favor
Help -------------------------------Socorro
See you soon ----------------------Hasta pronto ! ( 'h' will be silent , pronounced as 'asta')
What is this call in Spanish ?--------¿Cuál es esta llamada en español?
Do you Speak English? ------------Habla Ingles ? (Habla pronounced as 'abla)
I don't understand -----------------No Entiendo
I speak little Spanish---------------Hablo poco español
How much is this?-----------------Cuanto Cuesta ?
Can you reduced the
price a little?-----------------------¿Se puede reducir un poco el precio
I would like to have ___-----------Me gustaría tener _____.
Bring the Bill please - -------------La Cuenta , Por Favor
Very Good------------------------Muy Bueno
Vegan ----------------------------Vegetariano
I am a Vegetarian -----------------Yo soy vegetariana
Call a doctor -----------------  ---Llame a un medico
Call the Police----------------   ---Llame a la policia
I am Looking for (a,an,the)__------Estoy buscando____
ATM -----------------------------Un Cajero automatico
Bank------------------------------El Banco
Tourist office----------------------La officina de tirismo
Restaurant-------------------------Un restauranto
Market----------------------------El Mercado
Information -----------------------Información
A man ----------------------------Un Hombre
A woman -------------------------Una Mujer
Sir/Mr ----------------------------Señor
Madam/miss------------------- ---Señora

Have a good time ---Divertirse

Some sites for the further help
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