Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Indoor Kite Flying - Amazing Event , Give it a Try

   I always love Kites , Colourful flying high up in the sky , It gives me a sense of freedom . Recently I came across with this magnificent thing name Indoor kite flying. I was just wondering what that is?

Indoor Kite Flying 

I know, many of you might be thinking the same. Kite and indoor ? they doesn’t go together ! But ITS VERY MUCH POSSIBLE.

From Japan to Germany…from India to Italy, a new breed of kite flyer is being born. At all times of the day and night you will find these dedicated enthusiasts inside schools, warehouses, gymnasiums, churches, ballrooms and even shopping malls, chasing an element exactly opposite traditional kite flying…a windless environment!

Many indoor kite flyers enjoy outdoor kiting with the wind at their backs, although they experience common limitations and restrictions, mostly weather and wind related…too cold, too hot, not enough wind, too much wind, etc. However, one restriction stands out above most…the inability to fly in the entire 360 degree window surrounding them. Typical outdoor wind conditions may allow a skilled kite pilot to fly as much as 180 degrees side to side and approach direct overhead manoeuvres; however, indoor conditions commonly allow a skilled pilot to fly 360 degrees and any overhead direction. Indoor kite pilots create wind utilizing various walking patterns, and shoulder, arm and wrist movements as well as acrobatic twisting, spinning and twirling making the kite flying experience more of a dance. Each body nuance is mirrored in the kite creating an artistic reflection of the flyer’s creativity.

Frequently called, “one of the most amazing things ever seen”, indoor kite flying challenges the observer to question the very idea of gravity. Kite flying is not what it used to be. Technological innovations such as super strong lightweight fabrics and composite carbon rods allow a skilled indoor kite pilot to manoeuvre futuristic looking, aerodynamic pieces of artwork through a windless environment with ease.
Just add air! These lightweight, super efficient indoor kites require no wind. Defying gravity, indoor kites are propelled by a gentle balance of movement and precise technique. These marvels of architectural design range in size from 1 to 10 meters and are guided on fly lines up to 20 meters long. Indoor kite flying is a true demonstration of art in motion.
So do enjoy this new breed of crazy kite flying , who knows you also might get addicted to it.

Website –
Kite Flying UK
Check out for the Indoor kite flying event in USA

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