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Ramsbotton , A Cool British getaway and the Home of The World Black Pudding Throwing Championship

        If I have to talk about long walks, Local food, relaxing days, friendly people and beautiful landscape then I would love to talk about the British countryside.  One of such lovely place is Ramsbottom , it’s a old mill town. You can enjoy nature's beauty , cycling , walking , funful events, history of railway , pubs, local product shopping, beautiful sculptures on road and Antique shops .

Ramsbottom is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Bury, Greater Manchester, England. It is situated on the bank of the River Irwell, in the West Pennine Moors. The name Ramsbottom is believed to derive from the Valley of Garlic; it’s not related to “Rams” the cattle. Ramsbottom is a "thriving market town in spectacular surroundings". Its Victorian architecture, Pennine landscape, its industrial heritage and the heritage East Lancashire Railway station contribute to cultural tourism in the town. It is also the home of the famous “Blackpudding throwing competition” and “the chocolate festival”

Tourist Attractions :-

The Irwell Sculpture Trail -The Irwell Sculpture Trail is one of the largest public art projects in the country having some 20 sculptures in all. The trail runs from Salford along the Irwell Valley through Ramsbottom, on to Bacup and beyond..  It includes a Tilted Vase, created by Edward Allington.  The sculpture, manufactured in bronze, occupies a central position on the site of the original market place.

Peel Tower – The Peel tower in Holcombe village , commemorates Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister of Britain between 1841 and 1846, founder of the modern Police Force (once named 'Peelers' and still often referred to as 'Bobbys').  He is also renowned for repealing the Corn Laws. The tower, opened in 1852, is a popular landmark sitting on the top of Holcombe Hill (1100ft.) on the west side of the Irwell Valley offering a magnificent view to those who climb the 150 steps leading to the top.

The Rake and Millennium Bench – The Rake near the Peel Tower has always inspired many artists , you can find paintings , souvenirs and other art work with the beautiful views of the place.

Near to the Peel Tower and overlooking the valley is the Millennium Bench with its wonderful view it offers a good break to the visitors.

Farmers market – Second Sunday of every month you can enjoy the “farmers market”, Farmers come in large numbers to sell their home grown and  homemade products.

East Lancashire Railway - The line started in 1989 and runs each weekend.  Many special events take place throughout the year including Thomas the Tank Engine weekends and Santa Specials during the Christmas period. Many of the engines using the line are steam powered with classic engines often visiting the region.

Famous Events :-

The World Black Pudding Throwing Championship : –

The world black pudding throwingcompetition is an even which has gained the limelight for this small town. This event takes place on the month of September ( 2nd Sunday ) every year, in Ramsbotton.  People travel to Ramsbottom from as far away land as Australia, Hong Kong, Africa and Sweden, to compete in the Black Pudding Throwing Championships. Revisiting the old Yorkshire-Lancashire rivalry, competitors use black puddings to knock stacks of Yorkshire puddings off a shelf.

Contestants gathered at the Royal Oak pub to throw black puddings at a stack of Yorkshire puddings piled on a plinth 20ft off the ground. The rules is that ,  you can throw three competition standard 6oz puddings - underarm only. Whoever knocked off the most Yorkshire puddings is the winner. Historically , Ramsbottom, Bury, now part of Greater Manchester, was in Lancashire.

It is said that the contest is based on an incident during the Wars of the Roses when both armies ran out of ammunition and threw food at each other. It is believed to be a revival of the Lancashire-Yorkshire rivalry
Black pudding is traditionally made of cooked pig blood, fat and rusk, encased in a length of intestine.

Chocolate festival – Every year in March-April this festival takes place in Ramsbottom. Many chocolatiers come to show case their delicacy The Festival features a huge choice of things to see and get involved in including the chocolate market, kid’s activities and food counters.

Apart from all these attractions and events, Ramsbottom also have some good antique galleries and shops .If you have a liking for antiques, then, I am sure you will end up buying some good stuff for your collection.

How to Reach –
Ramsbottom is just 10 miles away from Greater Manchester ( Manchester is 164 miles away from London ), Its easily reachable by Car, buses and trains.
Bus from Manchester - X35: Manchester – Walmersley via Ramsbottom , Bury
Check out the time for the train to ramsbottom - National Express

Video on Black Pudding Throwing Competition 

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