Thursday, 3 May 2012

Learn Welsh - Enjoy your Stay in Wales

Going for a vacation in Wales ! well ,you can manage  there very well with the English  language , but knowledge of some key Welsh phrases can earn you a great appreciation ! and some time could prove very useful as well. 
So Lets learn some Welsh :)

Hello  -------------------------------------------------------Sut mae
Good Morning ----------------------------------------------Bora Da
Good Afternoon --------------------------------------------Prynhawn Da ( Pruhn-hown dah)
Good Evening ----------------------------------------------Noswaith da
Good Night -------------------------------------------------Nos da
Good Bye---------------------------------------------------Hwyl Fawr
See you later -----------------------------------------------Wela i chi
Please ------------------------------------------------------Os gwelwch in dda ( os gwel ookh uhn thah )
Thank you --------------------------------------------------Diolch
Sorry --------------------------------------------------      Mae’n ddrwg gyda fi (main throog guh da vee)
Welcome ---------------------------------------------------Croeso
No----------------------------------------------------------No oes
How are you? ----------------------------------------------Sut ydych chi (sit uh deekh khee )
Very Well --------------------------------------------------Da iawn
What is your name? ----------------------------------------Beth yw eich enw chi
My name is ___--------------------------------------------Fy enw i yw ( ne noo i yu ) _____
Where are you from ?-------------------------------------  O ble ydych chi’n dad
I am from _-------------------------------------------------Dw i n dod o _______
How do you say____---------------------------------------Sut mae dweud ___?
What’s this called in Welsh ?----------------------------   -beth yw hwn in Gymraeg (guhm-raig)
I speak a little Welsh ---------------------------------------Yr wyf yn siarad ychydig o Gymraeg
I am a Vegetarian ------------------------------------------Rwyf yn Llysieuol
Call the doctor ---------------------------------------------Ffoniwch y meddyg
Market ----------------------------------------------------Marchnad

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