Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tips for a Happy Travelling with Your Infant Child

Travelling with a small baby in plane is not very easy task. To make yourself, your little one and your co-passengers more comfortable on the flight, follow these simple and easy guidelines.
1. When you're booking your air tickets, make sure you inform the airline that you are travelling with an infant. Your baby will need a ticket, even if you are making him/her sit on your lap. Most importantly, this way you can find out what kind of special facilities the airline offers for babies on board.
2. Remember your baby do need passport, no matter how young he is
3. It is always good to have a co-passenger with you if you are travelling with a baby. It will give you a comfort of using loo or having your meals.
4. Bring some toys for baby to keep him/her engaged.
5. Choose the window seat .It will give you little privacy for nursing, and your baby can enjoy looking out as well.
6. Pack a small bag for with extra cloths and diapers etc.
7. Nurse your baby during take-off and landing, this will divert baby’s attention from the fright of the movement
8. Consider booking an extra seat for air travel with baby - if not, you will be expected to sit with an infant under 2 years of age on your lap. Depending on the length of your flight, this can be very hard work, particularly with an older baby.

9.  If you do book an extra seat, think about taking a car seat on board for your baby to sit in. Certain car seats are FAA approved for air travel with baby, so this is something to check when buying one.

10. If you do not have a car seat, you will be given a mini seat belt for your baby - this goes around him, and then attaches to your seat belt.

11. Do call your airline and ask about all the facilities for baby on the board. including baby food etc

12. If you are using an airline with a frequent flyer program, enrol your child as well. Some airlines offer full points for child fares.

Hope these tips will be a good help for all you travel enthusiast.
Happy Travelling

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  1. Thank you for these valuable tips. Especially about the car seat. Not many people would consider that.
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