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X S Nightclub - Best Nightlife in Vegas

X S night club Las Vegas

What can be a better place than X S Nightclub in Las Vegas for new year celebration

XS New Years Eve 2013 with Avicii 
The most expensive club ever built in Las Vegas.Best for Nightlife
That's because The XS nightclub at the Wynn is stunningly beautiful, and lets the crowds in at an average (for Vegas) price of twenty to thirty dollars most nights
The 40,000 square feet club is built around a swimming pool. It's a gorgeous sight, inside and out. Large areas of the water are shallow enough to dance in, and every night girls can be seen, with shoes in one hand and a drink in the other, laughing and splashing around. The music pumps everywhere, a mix of Hip-Hop, House, and even a little Salsa. The outdoor area, even if it's packed, feels a little calmer than the indoors, probably due to the breeze and the open space of the pool. Bottle service is available inside and out, and useful items fill the space, like free seats and stripper poles. The bathrooms are big, beautiful, and service people are everywhere. Men will have their jackets dusted lint-free while they wash their hands, and women can solicit the help of free manicurists and makeup artists.  A perfect place for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties


XS Nightclub is located between the Winn and Encore Properties and is nothing less than stunning.

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How to Plan for X S Nightclub our tips:-

1. Plan out your visit to X S properly because just dropping in might cost you dearer. There are so many things waiting for you that you may fall short of dollars.
2. Avail VIP Services at XS including Table Reservation, VIP Passes and Hosted Entry.
3. Keep time on hand for the counter the traffic on road.
4. Bottle Service at XS does not come cheap and patrons should know the table location is a key determinate in pricing. Mainroom seating start at a minimum of 3 bottles and if a celebrity DJ is hosting  , plan on purchasing 4 bottles for any booth on the back wall .
5. Free entry for girls

6. You can get flat footwear from the vending maching in X S, if you wanna get rid of your high heels. (for girls)

Some blurred points of X S :-

1.  The carpet area near bar some time smells nasty.
2.  it’s a well-lit club, so if you are looking for some dark ambience than you might slightly feel disappointed.
3. Some people find the drinks not so cheap.

Essential information:-

1. Timing: - 10 P M to 4 A M
2. It Accept Credit Cards
3. No Happy Hrs
4. Best Nights to visit Friday , Saturday, Sunday
5. Very good for groups
6. Age allowed: - 21
7. Wheelchair Accessible
X S Nightclub
Most of the visitors give it rating not less than 3.5. Many say it’s a must go place in Vegas , So it’s worth checking out once in a lifetime
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